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03 August 2008

How to boot (beginner)

This tutorial will cover the bare basics of operating a one "bot" (yahoo Id) yahoo booter. Yahoo has a tendency to "patch" (change the login algorithm). So don't be surprised if the booter used in this tutorial no longer works 2 or 3 weeks after the release of this tutorial. If you are reading this because of recent errors you received while executing a new booter, i would suggest reading the "How to register files" tutorial first.

The terminology remains the same, regardless of the booter.

Ok, lets begin, first, I will briefly cover two of your most common errors you receive while operating this booter. 1) unregistered/missing file This problem occurs when you do not have a particular".ocx" or ".dll" registered in your system folder. Find the missing file first then read my tutorial on "how to register files"

2) Run time errors This is caused by a verity of mistakes on the programmers part. NOT YOURS! It can range from not setting restrictions on arrays which result in buffer overflows...yes buffer overflows. To the more common programming error of declairing a wrong type variable (int instead of float or char etc)...In in more simpler terms, SHITTY CODING lol!

Run type errors is an issue that I cannot help you on. Your best bet is to find another booter. Most, if not all, of your everyday "yahoo booter" programmers are self taught and take little consideration into working out all the bugs...All booters will have errors. FIND ME ONE THAT DOSEN 'T AND I"LL PROVE OTHERWISE.

MYTHS/FACTS 1) Everyone is bootable. FACT Some people are harder than others, but for the most part anyone can be disconnected from yahoo.

2) All booters are key logged . MYTH Most of your booter programmers are kids ranging in the age of 14 to 25 (WTF!). They write these programs for bragging rights and recognition. Some programmers do key log...and when they are caught there reputation is almost always tainted from it. For the most part...booters are clean.

NOTE: If you ever do run across a booter that is infected, it is highly possible that the person hosting the download is responsible, not the author. Some webmasters will bind Trojans with their downloads. If you ever come across this, immediately report the webmaster to their host.

3) Booters are illegal. MYTH This is a tricky question. Simply possessing a booter is not illegal. Using a booter on a consenting person for YIM hardening (boot prevention testing) or on yourself for chat client comparison is also fine.Booters can be a very valuable tool when used properly. Those who choose otherwise ruin it for the rest of us.Anything used for network testing can be turned into a malicious tool to harass others. The intent of any booters provided by this site is for testing/educational uses only. If you cannot follow these rules then please leave my site immediately.

Get The Ball Rollen Ok, lets begin. As you know your object is to kick another yahoo member out of a chat room. First we need to create a bot (yahoo id). Never use your own. Bots will be banned with time. And if you log your main yahoo account into a booter, you risk the chance of never getting that name back. So take the time to make some fake yahoo chat accounts and keep all the passwords the same.

Once we made our bots, 4 or 5 is good enough for now. We will walk through the steps below in using a one bot login booter.

NOTE: the booter provided simply serves as a basic understanding of how a booter functions. Do not believe for a second this will kick everyone off chat. Some people it will ...others it will just piss off.


1) Double click the .exe file. Labeled "Colts 1Bot YaHell.exe". A window containing the main forum labeled "Colts 1Bot YaHell" should pop up.

FIGURE 1: FIle contents.

FIGURE 2: Main I-face

2) Now we need to enter the bot name in the label titled "Y! Name" and the password into the label titled "Y! Pass" see figure 3

FIGURE 3: Bot name and pass entered

3) Pretty much self explanitory...hit the "login button" see figure 4

FIGURE 4: Bot Connected

4) Now you type your nameyou want to boot into the label titled "Lamer" and choose one of your three booting options. Which include PM Bomb, Imv Bomb, and Buzz Bomb.

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